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DMARAN is a fashion brand dedicated to design and confection fashionable headbands, turbans, hair accessories and jewelry to young women, moms, babies and girls, looking to feel feminine, unique and always in style.

We create our collections based on the fashion trends, giving you a creative and original way to wear them.

We believe in original and special designed products, we want you to have something unique, therefore we produce a limited amount of quantities in each style.

All our products are designed, cut and handmade in the USA with high quality fabrics, materials and real stones.


It is very important for us to know and understand what women, moms and babies want and how do they feel with accessories they wear, that is why we design our products thinking about them, making them safe and comfortable at the same time, offering an option to feel modern, feminine and trendy for everyday activities and special events.



All our headbands,turbans, hair accessories and jewelry are handmade carefully detailed, making the piece look perfect and unique for you.

Made with Quality Materials

Made with Quality Materials

We find our materials in different countries, always looking for the best textiles, textures, quality and clean finishes, for you to feel good, safe and comfortable.

Made with Love

Made with Love

We create our fashion products inspired by real people and real wishes, that is why if you want to have a customized piece specially for you, we would love to do it when you ask for it.

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