2018-02-16 11:13:14

When people ask me, what do you do? Which is your profession? I am a Fashion designer, and most of the time, the following question is, why do the designers always create crazy things and show them in the runway; who is going to wear that, why would they show something that is almost impossible to wear in the real life?. All right, the answer is… when they create their collections, they are inspired about something, a trip, a country, a style; and the most important, they are inspired by a TREND.

 A trend is a social process where style or taste changes. There is a trend cabinet who make research in the world and create a book with the trends every year, Designers don’t always create their own trends, sometimes they follow these trends and use them as a base for their collection adding their style and their elements every season. The RUNWAY is a SHOW! To impress the buyers, the press and the people, where they present the new designs getting the attention of millions. They would probably show a piece of their collection with a big element or accessory to make a statement, and mark the trend that is going on in the moment.

 For example a model can be walking in the runway with a mini skirt over an A line skirt, an oversized sweater on top, some big platform shoes with pearls and 10 necklaces on her neck, that outfit probably is not for someone to wear it as it is on the streets, is for the customer or press to understand that the brand is showing the trend to combine layering pieces (two skirts) and opposite size items (the mini skirt and the oversize sweater) important accessories (big platform shoes) and the complement the necklace, that in the runway they showed 10, just to get more attention and to let the people know is a big statement and a must from the brand for that season.  

 In DMARAN we like to make a preview research for every season and adopt the Trends we like more, to add our inspirational theme and our style for every collection we design.

 Trends are there to learn, to interpret them, to get the idea but not to follow them literally…

 So next time you attend or watch a Fashion Show, pay attention to this details and open your mind to see what the designer is trying to tell you and the people.

Clothing by Cynthia Oviedo- instagram/cynthia_oviedo1

Jewelry and Headband by DMARAN