Moms deserve the best…

2022-05-06 08:48:09

Before days, on Mother’s Day we use to buy and give them something for the house , a blender, a Vacuum, an air fryer ( well we all love that) but honestly those gifts are not for Mom, those gifts are for the whole family because we all take advantage of having a new appliance or electronic… a good gift for Mom is something to make her happy, to pamper herself, to wear and feel special…I did a list of some ideas,  here they are…

Picnic day with her favorite food and wine in front of a river or lake 

Boat day with cocktails 

Spa Day

Manicure and pedicure 

A dress and a headband 

A gold bracelet 

Gold earrings 

Massage or facial

Take her to the movies and then to dinner

Visit her favorite museum with her and take her to lunch with your matching outfits 

Make her happy and do everything you can that day to make her life easier and relax!