Is Valentine’s Day corny for you?

2022-01-30 17:01:49

I know it sounds corny, but for me fashion is an art form, and wearing fun accessories, red, pink, is not a bad idea, not only for Valentine’s Day, for all this coming season!

We have a new brand collection of headbands and hair clips for women and girls, to match any every day outfit or an special occasion one. Our accessories are so versatile that you can wear a headband for a long day, taking the piece to your everyday job , to a lunch with your best friend and finishing in a formal dinner with your husband at your favorite restaurant… yes I know you are probably thinking you don’t get to wear the headband the whole day because they pinch your head!… NO NOT OUR HEADBANDS, we guarantee the comfort and lightness of our pieces, you will look beautiful and feel incredibly comfortable wearing DMARAN headbands 

So I invite you to visit our store section and pick your favorite accessories from this collection, psss… tag us once you receive your accessories!