Summer 2021 trends

2021-07-06 19:23:14

Summer is here and if you like fashion and love to follow what’s in right now, this are the most important trends you will need for this season to create fun and fresh outfits 

  • Crop tops
There is a lot of ways you can wear this piece, layer a crop top under a blazer to create a high end outfit with your favorite long denim shorts.
  • Puffy sleeves
Puffy sleeves make a statement outfit for your summer nights or day events, make sure you include at least one piece that has these type of sleeve in your wardrobe 
  • Cut-outs
Showing some skin is not only sexy but on trend this season, find some tops or dresses that have cut-outs, don’t be afraid to show a little bit!
  • Sheer
Chiffon dresses, organza sleeves, silk chiffon dresses are some pieces you can’t miss to wear this summer, also they are so light and fresh for this hot days!
  • Glitter
Yes ! Not only on Christmas season, you can have fun and wear some glitter pieces, a nice headband or soft headwrap to complement your look or a mini dress can be super chic for your summer look
  • Wrap-around straps
Team with silky midi skirts or loose trousers and finish with a pair of open-toe sandals for an instant 'pass the Aperol' mood.
  • Pastel
Pastel colors are here now, pastel prints or solids, blue, lavender, pink, yellow, are just some colors you can wear this season 
  • Wide-leg trousers
High-waisted '80s-style office trousers, wide-leg jeans, cropped culottes and utilitarian cargo pants are all back this season.
  • Netting
Throw an open-knit midi dress or skirt (Acne, Dior) over your swimsuit for a vintage off-duty feel.

One of my favorites is…
Pastels!… they are not just for babies, they came this season to stay in accessories, like headbands, hand bags, shoes, make up and clothes. You just need to combine them in solid shapes or prints, whatever is your style you can play with these color to have fun in the sun!