2017-10-23 02:41:04

When I’m looking, and browsing my social media apps, I feel surprised and amazed to see how many new small companies and designers are emerging every day, we have a lot of options to choose from. You can see how our world is connected today, just moving your finger on your phone you can meet a new fashion designer from Istanbul, Vietnam or another part of the world and check the latest designs they are creating; beautiful pieces and original silhouettes that give you an overview of their work. As a fashion designer, it is very enriching for me to see how people thousands of miles away from us, are creating pieces with our desires and likes, and with this huge globalization it is not difficult to get a piece from these designers, we can buy stuff from them and wear it proudly because they are people with dreams starting their own businesses; and the most important part, they are giving you beautiful and original products that can make you feel in-trend and modern, an option to have a unique item.
It is very important to support this kind of talent every day and recognize high quality design during this époque of massive products and cosmism. If you like to discover new designers or if you are one of them, I invite you to check this website:
New Designers is the most important design event in the UK, where you can find news about new talents and competitions, an exhibition that brings design education, consumers and the design industry to recognize the next generation of graduate designers. It is very interesting what new talents are doing right now. You will find fashion design, interior design, industrial design, jewelry design and more…
I invite you to buy unique products and support new and original ideas!