Creative and touchable toys for today's needs

2019-08-14 14:21:23

Creative and touchable toys for your girl and for you!


We live in a digital era, where a lot of things get done with the touch of a screen… a lot of people read online books, I prefer to feel the paper and passing the pages… we order online clothes, and I admit I do it a lot because I don’t have time to go to stores, but I love the feeling of trying things on at the store, feeling the fabrics and touching the different textures…


This digital era is bringing us a lot of things that make our life easier, but we are losing the physical emotion,   we don’t usually touch textures and we don’t play a lot with the sense of touch… We still need this, our children still need to feel things, touch fabrics, have physical things and real toys… A lot of children are exposed at young ages to  digital and electronic toys, and the experts  say we need to limit the time of using those devices, is not only for their mental health but for creativity purposes and to make sure they can entertain themselves with different elements (real life) and play with all their senses…


A recent study from Northern Arizona University found that electronic toys such as a baby laptop or cell phone do not promote language development in young children as well as books and traditional toys such as wooden puzzles, shape-sorters and blocks. I am troubled -- but not surprised -- that electronic toys were associated with decreased quantity and quality of language between parents and children.


 That is why we created this DOLL & HEADBAND sets in collaboration with Sweet Reba (a Mexican brand dedicated to bring smiles to children) to bring the girls and women a real toy, all handmade, non-toxic, and fun to match with your favorite outfit!!


We believe  girls and women, we all need confidence to walk every day to our journey and having someone next to us, sharing our activities and matching with her can be very joyful and helpful to our insecurities.


So next time you need to buy a present to a girl or a woman, think about something they can take anywhere, something to have fun with and something they can wear… They will love this set for sure and you are going to be very satisfied with your gift.