2018-12-11 13:05:58

SOMETHING WARM AND CHIC…Better than a Beanie!


During this season, everyone is looking to feel warm, wearing a lot of stuff on…fleece lined leggings, cozy sweaters, winter boots, beautiful scarfs and …beanies…??? Wait… all women and girls want to feel warm but they also want to look chic and elegant….


So instead of wearing those boring and popular beanies, this year I invite you to wear something different and unique, that will attract the attention of anyone who sees you… a TURBAN!!!!


At DMARAN we believe every person can feel and look spectacular not spending a fortune, that is why we designed our new winter VELVET turban, for women, girls and baby girls, who like fashion but at the same time want to feel comfortable and light.


Turbans have been on trend about 2 years from now, but I think they came to stay, at least in our brand since is a unique piece that covers yourself in low temperatures, like in this current season, but also with high temperatures;  in the summer they are very good protecting your hair from the sun, and not to mention that save you time with your hair when you don’t want to take care of it!...


Give yourself this hair accessory or give it to someone else as a present… is for woman, girl and baby ... everyone will love it!


  This season, dare to wear something DIFFERENT!