Holiday Gift Guide!

2018-12-05 13:07:49

The Holidays are almost here..!! AND we have no idea what to give to our closest friends and family!

So here is a good list to guide you:

1. Make a list of your favorite girls to give something special

2. Think about each one, her style, her personality, her activities and her lifestyle

3. Look for something original, different and creative

4. Give something they can wear during this time of year (everybody wants to put it on right away!)

5. Go to local stores, boutique stores, independent designers, they always have the most unique pieces so you don't end it up giving the same stuff others are...

6. Think about the purpose of the item and imagine the person wearing it, ( if is elegant, easy to wear, glamorous, trendy... enough for the person)

7. Find something hand made, custom made for the person (she will feel very special)

8. Look online (always good ideas but order on time + choose free shipping!)

9. Decide the best for your budget but still beautiful ( sometimes is hard but you can find awesome gifts, not spending a lot)

10. Wrap it yourself so you can put your touch on it!! 

Voila! you have a beautiful gift, original and delicate for this special girl!

Enjoy your holiday Shopping and give something "out of the box" this year!