2018-11-07 13:19:35

5 Biggest Fall/Winter 2018 Fashion Trends


This season is bringing us important fashion trends with statement prints…

 With the time getting chilly get ready to create your fall-winter outfits for every day and the holidays coming, having in mind the important pieces and prints the top designers are bringing to their collections; you can always take inspiration and innovate with pieces you have in your closet and shop some accents like accessories to complement the look.

Here are the 5 biggest trends this season for us…

 1- Animal print- Snake Print, Leopard print… (accessories, earrings, dresses, coats)

2- Velvet (turbans, headbands, tops)

3- Plaid- Gray gingham, red… (vest, Pants, shoes… you can find it this season everywhere!)

4- Sequence (headbands, tops, skirts)

5- Western elements (boots, jewelry…)


One of the good things now a days is that we can check the collections and trends on Pinterest, fashion blogs and Instagram… the last one is my favorite because you can see what is trending right now, ideas for you to wear and elements ready to shop. Bloggers are always a big help and inspiration to see how can we mix and match pieces, also they always bring us new ideas and tips to follow to look wonderful and keep our style and personality.


One of my favorites is @natmazz from Boston, MA… she creates interesting and chic outfits to wear day and night, keeping the style and being comfortable at the same time. In some of her creations she complements her outfits with our DMARAN accessories to give a fun accent to the look… you guys can follow her on Instagram to see her amazing posts…  and also on her blog!


Remember you don’t have to invest a lot to look like a fashion model this season, just find the right pieces and get inspiration from the bloggers!