2017-10-23 02:38:20

Here are some fashion trends from this season, as you can see the color story looks very futuristic, but at the same time soft and romantic, making a harmony between textures and prints. Metallic colors are very inn this season, they came this time together with knits and fur, you can look for those pieces you have in your closet with metallic details, or choose your favorite knitted sweater, with your comfortable winter pants and some velvet booties, and wear a metallic accessory, like some long gold earrings, bracelets or a metallic headband, you would look elegant, comfortable and warm for this season! Animal Prints like leopard, is special for this season too, a faux fur leopard coat or a vest is a good piece to match with your new metallic accessories.
Emerald, Yellow mustard, Soft Pink and Burgundy are some colors to make a statement this Fall and Winter, they came to put an accent in our outfits. You can combine them with black, tan or cream, some of the neutral colors that are present in this time again.
Play with all this colors and prints to create fun outfits for your everyday activities, special events and coming festivities this time of the year, you don’t need to spend a lot to look elegant and modern, just look for your winter pieces in your closet with these color stories and find the best accessory to match for the perfect look. Be brave to wear something new and make a statement!