VELLUT... a trip to the biggest cities

2018-10-03 14:11:53

We are so excited to announce the release of our new FALL-WINTER collection named VELLUT... (from the Catalan-velvet)

This new collection is inspired by the big cities... NY, D.C, Boston, London, Milan, Paris.... to name a few. 

The fashion, the boutiques, the elegance of this places, the catwalks on the streets we can enjoy every winter, those beautiful coats, velvet shoes, hats, and accessories. We created all this new gorgeous styles with elegant materials and elements that are going to surprise everyone who see you wearing them. 

Trending and reflecting a chic style and sophistication to give you the perfect complement to your fall-winter outfits.

Visit our STORE and choose your favorite items, enjoy 10%off your first purchase and 15%off more when using the code VELLUT15