How to choose the best fashion accessories for baby girls?

2018-07-25 12:37:20

We think comfortable and easy to wear first!

 When it comes to baby accessories, we always think about them first, they move a lot, they want to feel comfortable, relax and they don’t like to have anything that is bothering them…

 At DMARAN we really think about all this things when we designs new styles, specially for Baby girls, we make sure the fabric and materials we use, are safe for them; we make the insides (linings and interiors) smooth so they feel good, and we think about practicality for moms…Easy and fast ways to put it on. As a mom I know how hard it is sometimes to make your baby wear some accessories, they move while you are trying to dress them and put their accessories, so we always make sure the headband or accessory we create is ready to wear, simple and stylish at the same time. Also we create hair accessories with elastic fabrics so they last for years, if you don't buy hair accessories for your baby now because she just wants to wear them for 5 minutes, don't worry our headbands can fit different sizes, as your baby grows she will accept more accessories and later she will ask for them, like my 2.5 year old girl before we go out she ask me to choose a hair accessory for her!

 Yes because Moms, we love to see our girls beautiful and fashion, even if they don’t care what they are wearing yet, we love to see our little ones trendy and cute.

In this picture you can see our new brand ambassador Yianis Sofia from Chicago wearing one of our artisan headbands from this summer collection! Her mom loves fashion and loves to dress her with the latest trends and accessories, and Yianis loves modeling for pictures, she really is a mini model already! You can follow her on Instagram @yianis_sofia and check the beautiful pictures she creates with her mom!