No excuses, living the life to the fullest!!

2018-07-13 11:53:02

Having a Job, traveling for fun during the weekends and being a philanthropist.. This three things sound very different to be in one person’s life isn’t it?...well, there is some people who do them and I know one woman that really inspires me!

Her Name is Elona Karafin, she runs an amazing travel blog, called Elona the Explorer, where she gives travel tips, best places to visit in every city around the world she has been, and incredible travel stories. Also her pictures are amazing and the vibes she shows in each, is so powerful.

 I knew about her on Instagram, I started following her because I saw something different in her pictures, and I really like how she writes about enjoying life, personal care and living life to the fullest. I started reading about her in her blog and I found she is a cancer survivor!...she was ten years old, when she was diagnosed, and she says “contrary to popular belief, this diagnosis turned out to be one of the best experiences in my life, it helped me construct my moral principles and values”. After this experience she started Checkmate Cancerin 2013, where she participates in the Pediatric Cancer Foundation’s Walkathon and she makes donations to children with cancer, giving them financial support, recreational activities and emotional support.

 This for me is amazing, someone that gives a lot for the people and does a lot in life, not only this, but she works in NY, she travels and write a blog and post gorgeous pictures on Instagram with beautiful messages for us to really value life!

 Thank you Elona for your inspiration and for giving us the opportunity to wear our product and support our brand!

You can follow her on Instagram @elonatheexplorer!