Summer is here!, are you ready?

2018-06-29 14:51:28

Summer is around the corner, are you ready?

I started to look into my closet, pieces that I can wear and match differently this year, sometimes when we think about the new season,we want everything new for sure!! But that’s not an option for all women. We can be creative with the clothes we already have, just need to organize and pick statement pieces to begin.

My closet is not very big, so I have another closet downstairs and what I usually do is bring my summer clothes in to my small closet in my bedroom, changing the clothing selection every season. I start organizing by colors, from neutrals, vibrant colors and dark colors, once is done I organize this colors by length, blouses, dresses, pants, and so on…

After it looks better I choose statement pieces, my favorites pieces that really bring attention, clothes with design and beautiful fabrics and then I choose a match for each one with pieces that are more basic but are going to be the complement for those important pieces. For example a Vibrant pink top with a beautiful design, big sleeves and silky fabric, every time I wear it, people tell me something about it… So this top I would wear it with wide leg- white pants and wedges… after my clothing has been chosen I’ll pick my accessories, a printed fabric turban will be a good election to give my outfit a flip and have something with a pattern or what about big tassel earrings with details?

This is just an idea, but the most important thing is that you just have to be creative with your pieces, purchase somethings that will match clothes you already have and buy stunning accessories to bring more fun into your outfits. There are beautiful prints this season, I found some ideas here- dresses for this season, or maybe wear a printed two piece outfit?, there are tons of ideas out there you can get inspiration from… my Blogger friend Danielle in her blog @asequinedlife can give you more, follow her blog!