Mix and match prints?! Don't be afraid...

2018-04-30 21:37:48

Mix and match prints? Don’t be afraid…

 The current season, spring-summer, bring us some important prints for clothing and accessories. One of the biggest ones is the Polka dot… yes its back, and is making a lot of noise on  social media, blogs and the streets. Polka dots are always fun and feminine, this time they come in different sizes, in black& white and navy&white, the most popular colors. We have seen the polka dot print mixed with other size polka dot fabric in the same outfit and looks interesting and chic!

 Stripes are making a big statement too, in different colors and combine with other prints… Yes, you can wear mixed Patterns outfits, is not just for the runways, as long as you follow the balance in your outfit with solid elements and pick the main piece to start the story around it. That means, you can have a stripe skirt (your favorite and statement piece) and combine it with a floral or plant vibrant color print Top, with solid color sandals and solid accessories. Or you can have the same skirt with a solid color top and an accessory (headband or turban) with a beautiful matching pattern and plain color shoes.

You can do a lot of combinations, just keep in mind how you feel, what are the trends right now, your body type and your style and you would look awesome!

Don’t be afraid to match prints!