Choose the best and safest accessories for you and your baby

2018-03-03 12:38:58

  When it comes to find accessories for the new season, fist we get attracted by colors, spring comes with bright colors and joyful palettes, and we also like special pieces with details that will follow the current trends, beads, stones, chains, etc.; do we really think about comfort and safety?

 If you are a mom already or if you will be a new mom soon, you really need to think about this fact.

 When we start socializing with friends after being new moms, sometimes it can be hard, taking the stroller, all the things we need to change your baby, toys, blankets etc.… so we have an event coming… we buy the perfect outfit for that special brunch, matching our favorite necklace just new from the boutique, the new collection. Also, you want the perfect headband for your baby. Think about being there… in the restaurant, eating, chatting, laughing, holding your baby, your baby grabs your hair, your top, your earrings, bracelet, necklace  or her headband maybe, and she put it in her mouth, you notice that…and it is too late, the last think you want to worry about is that…accessories can have dangerous and small pieces for our little ones and they can be hurt, that is why we should shop for accessories that are safe made, without loose pieces, even some baby headbands in the market have small pieces or poor finishes that can fall and your baby can grab them, Try to find something with Fabric, soft textures, clean finishes with no sharp elements, safe and good made tassels (that are so in trend right now) they are so beautiful and fun, and you don’t have to keep worrying about your baby. In DMARAN we make baby and mom friendly pieces with delicate accents so you and your baby can look spectacular and be safe at the same time.

 Do not stop wearing accessories if you become mom, wear the ones are beautiful safe pieces for both, you will be enjoying every moment with your baby, always being chic and modern... no worries